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8710 Grand Mission Blvd
Richmond, TX, 77407
United States


Dental Garden is honored to provide affordable general and cosmetic dentist services using the latest technology to ensure superior results and maximum comfort in Richmond, Katy, and Sugar Land, TX.

8710 Grand Mission Blvd. Suite A, Richmond, TX 77407


Dental Implants

When you are missing teeth, it is vital that you replace them as early as possible!  Without all of your teeth, everyday actions such as biting, chewing and eating can become uncomfortable and possibly even painful.  The spaces that are created when teeth are missing can cause other teeth to shift and move out of alignment.  One of the most current and best ways to replace missing teeth is through dental implants!

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is a tooth that is made out of porcelain and metal that can look and feel like your natural teeth.  

There are two parts that make up the implant:

  1. The implant body which is made of titanium and acts as a tooth root.

  2. The crown which looks like your natural tooth and is affixed to the implant body.

How can implants be used?

Implants can be used to replace missing single teeth or even to anchor existing or new complete dentures!  If you are wearing a removable partial denture, we can use dental implants to replace missing teeth.

Single implants are a great alternative to fixed bridges as seen in the diagram to the right.  With fixed bridges, the adjacent teeth have to be prepared or shaved down to make space for the restoration.  With a dental implant, there is no need to prepare the adjacent teeth.